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Kiena album cover
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01 Kiena 03:20 Lyrics
02 Night 05:49 Lyrics
03 Damien 06:09 Lyrics
04 Julian 04:25 Lyrics
05 Florentine 02:48
06 Lucas 02:57 Lyrics
07 Atavism 03:48 Lyrics
08 Sapphon 05:50 Lyrics
09 Black Serenade 00:58
10 Fugue's End 04:53 Lyrics
11 Slumber 03:57 Lyrics


Phavian's debut album follows the story of a young girl, Kiena, who is visited by a host of young spirits on a dark, cloudy night. Terrified by these visitors, the girl attempts to flee, but the specters implore her to stow her fear and listen as they impart their stories to her. Haunting melodies meld with heavy, hard driving riffs and complex harmonies as the apparitions begin to share their individual tales of pain and woe. The plot unfolds as rhythms and time signatures twist and turn and Kiena begins to realize her true importance...


Elizabeth Matson - Vocals
Puyan Hassani - Guitars
Tomo Yokoyama - Guitars
Jason Lobell - Bass
Patrick Hassani - Drums & Keyboards

Produced by Jason Donaghy and Phavian
Engineered by Jason Donaghy and Omeed Izadyar
Mixed by Jason Donaghy
Mastered by Fergal Davis at Suite Studios, Ireland